A Pigeon Ramble!

I need to release a pigeon ramble, sorry!

What is the purpose of the pigeon, I often wonder to myself……
The garden alone is packed full of his mates! Where do they come from?
For he spends his days appearing only to wind me up. No, really!

He scares of innocent little feathered friends that gather at the snack station, to gorge on there food and much more! So greedy!
So I bang the window! I shout! I bang the window again! I shout again! He continues to swing from the feeder!!
But Why? When he is plenty big enough to find is own refreshments.

Then the cheeky bugger will move onto the bathing pool….
Sitting fully in the fresh bird bath, turning it in to a private members club, so rude!
Im back, banging the window! shouting! I bang the window again! I shout again! He only glares back!
Only leaving after he as actually done his OWN BUSINESS (Nice!) right in the centre!!
And a filthy film over the waters surface (i guess from his greasy coat?). Which then results in the bird bath now out of bounds (And a little elbow grease on my part), and bypassed by all the feathered birds.
How mean!

What serves the purpose of this silly big bird?!
(Who continues to mock and make silly sounds from the electric cables, out of reach! But not sight!)!?!?

Right folks pigeon ramble over.

Keep crumbs on The Empty Biscuit Tin

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