A Twilight Wander.

The last walk of the day and twilight is descending…..

Upon approaching the woodland the sun turns into a ball of fire, the heavens too a blaze of neon pink! The day refusing to go without a spectacular goodnight.
As i wander through this land of trees, the silhouettes of the trees – all branches and bare gives the impression the wood is on fire – eerie!

While i trend carefully watching where i place each step (deep mud, rabbit holes, ruts, poo etc!), I spot two roe deer running across the path way and then pausing to watch me disappear into the distance…
A few paces later a woodcock shoots up from among a bracken heap (a winters tick), nice to know i am not alone in this strange time of day.
A small dusk chorus sings above ear level (the rest obviously getting the warmest perches for this long winters night…). After the pheasant with a racket (he is no singer) (he always gets the last say) brings silence to this wood.
The day fading signals a end of day bell to encourage the nights slumber,
Mother (nature) calls bed time and light fades out.
(So much nicer and very encouraging to tell of bed time then the mornings alarm – can we have that too? Please?).
The day done, time for a long rest on what feels already will be a freezing night…
The sunset wiped, dusk settles, not quite pitch-black….

Keep crumbs on The Empty Biscuit Tin

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