A Touch Of Charm. – Poem Collection By K.S Blackmore

I have started scribbling {poetry?}, with a realize, it is my way of airing my thoughts & feelings. Clearing out my mind and after I am done, being in a better place! 🙂

Escape away….. –


 A Touch Of Charm.

Along the brook here-upon,
Snow! Proper winter awoke.
Feathered folk eager for it gone!
A touch of charm for us folk.


Idle, they chill.

Bemused the sheep. A flock
Idle, they chill. Braced effectively
As the snow, flakes came. The smock
now sized perfectly


A Blanket Drapes The Landscape.

The yuletide card to paint,
A blanket drapes the landscape.
Clouds above lowering and laden. So quaint!
More snow! A battlefield, still no escape.
Mammals and man too, rattled.
Mammals, tiny and mighty, survival. Fearful.
For man he`s too battled,
The elements. Hands helpful



The Chest Of Trees, Among.

Sheltered, from the blizzard.
As winter launches, down a helter- skelter!
A chest of trees, among. No fool, wayward!
So tall! Yet, a simple shelter
From that mother nature!


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