“In June’s Time, Lost.” A Poem & Poem in Film

Walking through the woodland with my two companion  hounds, I was amazed how tall the grass had suddenly become. – Which came to me in the lines “lost in grass” / “lost in June” and that’s how this poem began…. the rest of that walk completed this poem

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In June’s Time, Lost.

In June’s Time Lost,

– Earth on her Summer wave, flung

In the years green-tonic slung,

On the fresh canvas among

Mothers patchwork cover wrung

In the companions ‘scape, among

Dragon-flies and butterflies and pen-friends young.

Amidst untamed hay flung,

Where the sun-strikes and feet un-slung

The restored chaos and nettles left, un-stung.

The floodlight days hung,

In wild warm days sung.

– The tree-house upon earth, flung

In the emerald surf clung

– In June’s Time Lost.

~ K.S Blackmore



Why not go get lost in nature`s time……?

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Made with the help of many a cups of tea & too many chocolate bars

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(Ssshhh ~ Next poem stirring under the title “Rose petal perfume and Wembley goals”………)

“That Little Esprit.” A Poem & Poem on Film

When May is nearing the end and you realise you have not heard Mr Cuckoo……



That Little Esprit.

I take a saunter in this moon of May
Open wide ears, for two notes conducted,
Composes my Summer….. but thus far, dismay!
I foot-slogged….. to bleakness! The cuckoo abducted!
What of a kingdom, silenced of the king?
To perceive my Summer days adhere.
A glum, glum land, ourselves we wring.
But blue not I, for tomorrow, next week too, me and my ear
Will come back still. For that little esprit
Will not steer clear of me!
~ K.S Blackmore



A question for you

Q – Does hearing the Cuckoo start your Summer…..?

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When i do hear him, it marks the start of my Summer


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Woolgathering. ~ Poem Collection By K.S Blackmore

Yep still scribbling away! 5 more verses composed, scribbled and set free ….. Enjoy 🙂


Basking summer days away…… –

To Bask.
The sun out to play, for all to bask.
To perch on the fence with a flask,
Of tea. All only oneself asked.
Eyes heeding, ears untroubled, mouth masked.
Reflecting. The land grows, crops ripen. Earth too basks.
Percieving bees, birds, butterflies too, raid brimful casks.
So leave me here, leave the world at task.


Thanking the land…… –

This Land.
Bewildering this land, just now in green,
All yesterdays long hidden under-scene.
Seen of the snowman in wintertide,
Spring burst upon, tears spilled far and wide.
Yet to gaze outwardly upon this stage, is to see
The land a bake, bestows we,
Heavens thanked for our daily dough.
Vitality, might, grieve, all infuse the land green, go.


One happy farmer….. –

A Farmer A Smile A Beer.
Acers of fields sweeping with ripeness.
Behold that combine harvestor, done with greyness!
All tuned-up with fields to comb,
Called upon to usher the gold home.
The heavons sober! Summer skies of cheer.
Fonder back in store, fuel for next year.
And a farmer, a smile released, to tomorrows beer!


A nod to the glorious summer evenings –

Summers Evening.
The summers evening is a glorious gifting.
No lights out, just sunlight difting.
The travail is done, the day is not!
Straight out the backdoor chasing the sun. Got,
To saunter the evening away.
That polaroid from wintery nights is aweigh.


Me – Musing X …..

This is where i currently am, longing to be on the canal side of life, but life is dragging me towards the other side….!!

On The Tow Path.
To watch cricket bats grow,
To reside where clover bestow.
The unhurried pace that grass to hay bring.
To be a cuckoo, be the fisher king.
Skating without rush upon murky reflected earth,
Six foot above. A differing world, yet same earth!
To be blessed, the tow path only the chaser.
i the captain. Not the acer.
To let man out speed, my own steam now.
Beneath heavens of blue, alongside neighbours the only cow!
To be awaken by the choir at day-break.
Be in awe, history of naure to betake.
To good days where cheery folk speak, of greetings!
To see for-ever-green, no red self-defeatings.
With bright skies a fore no nimbus cloudburst,
To the joyous path bestowing direction to the sunburst…….

Woolgathering, passing footnotes a slow,
On this path where hooves before did tow.
With the script of ones existance to sow,
To steer aright path, forgo…….

Not to end where the buddlia seed.
To out pace house-boats…., only to recede!
In bovine trunks. Full aboard.
Stuck a ships mate, for a sentence a bored!
Be in circles going, cuckoo gone. The einstein frazzled.
Satisfying only greedy felines razzled.
In a clog, abide! Narrative of tomorrow creating.
Through nettles be pushed, to end beneath, stagnating.
Perceive stampedes of red, nah green. Tomorrows,
Path to the lustreless of nimbus, and the blue of sorrows…..


Woolgathering was fuelled by too many cups of tea and many a jelly baby! Plenty of vitamin C, perfer being out of doors (well escaping to the shed).
The pencil is already scribbling away….. 🙂