This Early Bird Got The…… Dawn Awakening!

This early bird got the worm…. well the dawning unfolding!
So glad I dragged myself up and out the door when I did, any later and this morning would of been missed…..

First tabs for me on this beautiful morning awakening, as the land nudges ever so slowly from the nights slumber. The sun peeping through the mist reminds me of misty eyes not quite come to. The mist adds a sense of a winters dream, the far not emerging till i walk closer!
– The land still stands!
The sun starting to peep through means surely we are in for a lovely day (hopefully….. morning at least?)

The dimmer switch slowly turns, the new day calling….
This morn is peaceful, so still after yesterdays rain
Mother as woken in a different mood, she is calm this morn

For now the earth is mine, just mine…..
Fresh air fills the nose, ears hushed in stillness, eyes see the land emerging in this beautiful winter sunrise and my footprints leave the first marks.
– A touch of frost came over-night – leaves on the ground give a crunch, and gems of water frozen, hang from bare branches. Tree trunks – tall and short, branches among the tree tops. Bracken piles all add to this vista unfolding.

I walk not alone – Roe deer already roaming the land, 3 I count.
A blue tit sings before breakfast, a buzzard already searching for his.
White-washed white pearls – Winters floral beauty, dainty snowdrops now in full bloom catch the eye in the half-light.

The land may be in hibernation, yet she is a pretty sight.
The land is smiling and I smile back……
Thank you nature for dragging me out.

Keep crumbs on The Empty Biscuit Tin

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