Flipping Freezing!!

I awoke to a chill this morn….. with curtains pulled back…. the garden was frozen, a proper frost in view! But i do not mind, for the sun is bright and warming to the heart. A promise to of a fine day, those winter blues will not strike today.

And the extra jobs the frost brings are no chore;
– The basket of logs restocked and brimful!
fire-side dozing this evening will keep me going…!
– The birds are grateful for a helping hand, i am sure.
– A life-line too the un-thawing of the bird baths.
A smile they give back upon watching them bathe… how? When the water is surely beyond freezing?!
They all come to stock up and splash – sparrows, dunnocks, a robin, blackbirds (they appear to be kiss chasing already, no Christmas blues for them!), a couple of starlings, blue tits, and my old friends (yes!). The Blackbirds struggle to hang on the feeder and peck at the same time, so they had a fat-ball left on the ground (Its the little things).
Surprisingly no squirrel today!

I retreat indoors, the fingers numb, the layers shed (no bad weather with the right coat – fact.), yet the soul is warm.
The hounds seem to love this cold weather(!?!)…. the asking will be answered after porridge and a search for my thermals…..

A flipping freezing winters day to store for Summers memory….!?

Keep crumbs on The Empty Biscuit Tin

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