In the Empty Biscuit Tin ~ My Story

Dealing with the lost of my mum, and caring for her too for five years, as left me with two life blows no longer having mum around and the job I loved gone.
~ After caring the angel falls…. Mum named me her angel… now I`m a falling angel….& left with the empty biscuit tin
(The reason behind the name of this blog)

💔 Grief as gifted me a poet 🌈🖋
& 📽 moving stills turn my poems into Poetic Films 📺
(All creating done on (my brothers) iphone6s !)

Scribbling as i call it {referring to the state of my paper!}, gives my brain something different to think about. I now seem to be seeing the world from a different angle. These “poems” i enjoy composing, & seems a shame if they just stay in my notepads……..

I guess I am creating journals of my travels through poetry (and film)
A Country Journal and A Grief Journal ~ a broken heart being mended by a green heart.
{Have always been a #countrybumpkin and always will be.}

Poetic films give my poems a narrative, a story behind the poem
Or mute the sound and just enjoy the footage…