“A Spring Song.” – Poem + Film By K.S Blackmore

Spring is but a song drifting among the warm fresh air of April and May…..

The line “daffodils crumple” came to me whilst filling the bird baths, and that’s how this poem started …….. enjoy

A Spring Song.

So Spring signs of Winters cassette,
As green shoots sweat, in dry land set
From pastures ate, to Septembers fruit set.
To bumble bees and skies signal,
As feathers warble, among trees un-staple,
In woodland marvel beneath a purple babble.
From chimneys pots asleep turns jackdaws keep,
Where young hearts peep, and leap
From last years shabby chic or new builds tweak!

Seas of sunshine reek and strands of golden streak.
To familiar wings in twirl and curl,
As down on earth, bracken uncurl,
From primroses fold to wild-roses un-fold
Buttercups in meadows and grass stirring gold.
Tulips do peep and blossom does weep.
Springs reap rolls over a leafy sweep,
With bright days leak, unearths a rosy cheek!
As wings of wisdom come peak and sneak,
To a orange tip un-crumple
And a hundred thousand daffodils crumple……..

Q ~ My Song of Spring is ….. ?

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Thank You for reading & watching

(From a whisper next poem – working title “Who`s There?”…..)

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