The Unsung Winters Day.

Out the back door – sunny with a nippy wind chill, beautiful.

Out the window no white blanket does cover or white dew drops on-top the grass….. yet still a beautiful winters day all around.

Winter is calling – the wind is chilled, the finger tops frozen. The sun offers a warm welcoming hug (in the right spot), and whispers creatures of all sizes to come out and seek…. and they have – small birds all over – in voice and just in sight, red kites up high, a hare ground level.

In no Winter slumber, the earth not bare- patches of green hue, shows hints of summers crop. Catkins of the hazel to have appeared. The trees lost of there decor, shimmer by solar power in this late morning light, no sad skeleton sight and a chance to admire there outlines – the shapes, the trunks, the inside lost in much of the year.
Simple colours, this black and white vista offers peace, mediation and relaxation. Making a change from natures fav green hue – fresh Spring green and then Summers green overload, and then Autumns vivid colour.

New paths come to light, old paths now easy paths – unobstructed, no bramble tripwire, no nettle stings, no hidden wasp nests (was summer walks such a joy?!) anywhere seems possible!
– I`m warm enough and the dogs still boundless with energy….. and I`m surprised Winters earth is keeping me out….

The landscape of winter in plain sight, such a wonderful view……
No frills of frost or snow needed, the bare that winter brings is no place to avoid!

And a moments eye shut and Spring it feels….

Keep crumbs on The Empty Biscuit Tin

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